Still have two ears?

When it seems everything has changed…has it?

Recently, Louis Claps, Principal of Exclaim, a creative experiences agency, faced a common challenge . . .

A prospect called wanting a series of customer-facing, animated healthcare videos.  You know the drill… cold call?, budget?, time frame?, relevant experience?, COVID – so all remote…with an added element – in Spanish!

Where to start his pitch?  How to convey to the prospect that his agency was the right shop?  What exactly needed to be said?

Louis drew on his years of experience…the countless client and prospect conversations he’d been through…all the times he had to figure it out, on the fly…and came back to the tried and true…just listen!

His first response to the prospect…”how about we start by providing a Spanish-speaking director?” Game changer!

Listen, listen and listen well. Working virtually has its challenges, but active listening has always been the most effective way to clear any hurdles.

Great work…and thanks for sharing Louis.