Velour and Fintech – Perfect Together…

The Art of Retention We know that COVID changed how we think about office space — and working from home has certainly changed our wardrobe — but velour and financial services? Yeah, why not… Hiring and retaining talent in a remote environment has brought a slate of challenges beyond the WFH technical and operational hurdles.Continue reading “Velour and Fintech – Perfect Together…”

Not “puppy love,” this is “pandemic love”

Dating. Courting. Finding your soulmate. Flowers. Chocolate. Cuddly stuffed animals.  Sounds pretty typical of how dating is often portrayed on screen, but not so much for Ryan Reynolds and his more-than-contrarian commercial. Then again, 2020 was like no year we’ve ever been through.  Many businesses took some kind of pivot to adjust to our current and continued altered state.Continue reading “Not “puppy love,” this is “pandemic love””

Analytics Gets Personal

Dilbert says, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring.” Ok, so maybe Dilbert never really said that, but it’s one of the corporate adages about productivity that has stayed with me. In marketing and communications, this often translates into… Webinar sign-ups and attendance Whitepaper downloads Email open and click-thru rates I’m passionate about metrics, soContinue reading “Analytics Gets Personal”

What do wine, manicures, and an Upper East Side restaurant all have in common?

If necessity is the mother of invention, then pandemic is the mother of creativity.  I was out and about walking on the Upper East Side of Manhattan when something caught my attention. It was a branded van from Babe, the “take-anywhere wine in a can.” There was a woman sitting on a chair that seemedContinue reading “What do wine, manicures, and an Upper East Side restaurant all have in common?”